Saturday, 13 February 2016

PECOS / Physician Lookup

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On 1/29/10 CMS released a list of physicians enrolled in PECOS. The list a PDF and contains 13,600+pages and over 800,000 records. It is searchable in Adobe Acrobat. However, searching a single physician is a long process. The file is located on the UPDATES page if you would like to download it. More updates to follow...

According to CMS you can look up the physician in their “physician finder” database on their website. The site is complicated to find, and tedious to use. There is a link below to the site. However…

In our experience we found many providers NOT in this system. We also found doctors who are in the system but we are receiving warnings for. This could be because their NPI number is not in their PECOS record – a problem CMS says it will fix by January 2010.

At the moment there is no site dedicated to looking up the physician in the PECOS system.
CMS did indicate they a searchable database will be made available by January, 2010. Unfortunately, this does not help us prepare for the implementation of PECOS. Consider that there are countless rental items in use right now that may date back three years or more that will deny on July 6, 2010 if the physician is not updated. Compound that with the current items we’re putting on patients while we do not know of the prescribers PECOS status.

You can find the Medicare Physician finder here.


This is the actual link: (simple one, huh?)